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What to Know About Guided Implants

surgical template for placing guided implants

Template for placing guided implants.

You will hear a lot of dentists use the term guided implants when talking about implant surgery.  “Guided Implants” are nothing more than regular implants that have the added benefit of a bit of technology to help “guide” the process. Dr. Ghodsi is committed to the latest in dental technology and our onsite CT-Scanner has a big impact when talking about guided implants. It allows Dr. Ghodsi to take 3D images of your mouth and instantaneously view them right there in our Las Vegas office. Other dentists often require patients to seek this service outside their offices and then there are more visits, costs (usually around $350), and waiting time. Having our CT-Scanner in the office makes a world of difference, and we don’t even charge for it!

After reviewing your 3D images, a specialist can decipher the unique traits about your gum tissue, jaw, and teeth, allowing them to pinpoint the exact location where the implant should be placed. Once mapped, a a surgical guide or template can be fabricated and used to assist in placing the dental implants with the utmost precision. Now, the scary part for some – the surgery.

Surgery for Guided Implants

Once all the planning is done, the actual procedure for guided implants is quick. Several dental implants can be placed in under an hour. Unlike x-rays, CT-scan imaging allows Dr. Ghodsi to see the actual width and density of your bone and determine the perfect spot for the implant before the actual surgery takes place. Using the template, the results are natural-looking dental implants, less patient discomfort and minimal recovery time. Dr. Ghodsi has had great results in our Las Vegas office. Here’s Barbara’s story:

If you think guided implants may be the appropriate next step in your dental health – give us a call today to set up your initial consultation. Afterwards, the process of assessing, planning the treatment, and determining appropriate dental implant devices is completed digitally – just another reason our Las Vegas offices are one of the best!

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