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All-On-Four Implants

Permanent Teeth in 1 Day From $14,500!

computer planning for more precise dental implants

The All-On-Four Implant refers to a Nobel Biocare treatment protocol that involves placing the implants at specific locations, angulations, and depths. This procedure provides solid stability for a fixed prosthesis. It eliminates the need for additional implants, reducing the total cost of treatment. The protocol may also eliminate additional procedures such as sinus grafting, ridge augmentation, or ridge slitting.


Image of Implants being Surgically Guided

After careful evaluation of the jaw using a ct-scan, a surgical guide is fabricated to aid in the precise placement of the implant.  Dental surgeons who do not employ this technology have to open the surgical area greatly to visualize all the vital areas. Without the ct scan this additional surgical procedure becomes necessary in order to avoid structures like the sinuses or the important nerves.


temporary denture prosthesis for after implants

Immediately after placement of the implants, a denture is adapted and the patient can start using the prosthesis right away.


final dental prosthesis

After 3 months of healing, a new impression is taken to fabricate a final prosthesis. Patients can immediately begin using their new teeth and enjoy all the benefits of life!

We offer 3 different products as a final restoration:

  • Titanium Framework with Individual Ceramic Crowns.
  • Full Zirconia Bruxzir Ceramic Bridge
  • Titanium Framework with Acrylic Teeth

Titanium Framework with Individual Ceramic Crowns:



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