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Guided Implants

The implant dentistry field is constantly adapting to new digital technology to provide the most precise dental implants available on the market. Cat-scan technology is being utilized by dental implant specialists to render a full 3D image of a patient’s jaw structure, prior to planning their dental implant surgery.

Lasting Smiles Dental Care in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the few local offices to invest in an on-site CT-scanner. With quick access to 3D images of your jaw, dental implant specialist Dr. Sharam Ghodsi is able to ensure that your dental implants will be placed with precision and efficiency.

What is Guided Implant Surgery?Computer screen showing how to place guided implants

Computer guided dental implant surgery is a precise and efficient method for providing dental implants accurately and virtually painlessly. Using 3D images of a patient’s jaw, a specialist is able to review details of your teeth, gum tissues and jawbone, and determine the exact spot where your dental implant will be placed.



surgical template for placing dental implants



In addition, a surgical guide or template can be fabricated and used to assist in placing the dental implants with precision.



Image of Implants after being Surgical Guided


Using the surgical guide, Implants can be placed flaplessly, or without opening the tissue which makes the procedure non-invasive and much more comfortable for the patient.  Planning the procedure prior to surgery, enables us to deliver abutments at the time of surgery.



Image of Dental prosthesis



Dental prosthesis can be fabricated ahead of time so that dental implants can be immediately loaded with temporaries.



At Lasting Smiles Dental Care in Las Vegas, NV, we are dedicated to providing treatment quickly and accurately. By utilizing the latest guided implant technology, we ensure the process is stress-free for each and every patient.

Once we’ve determined that dental implants are the best treatment plan for you, we will capture detailed 3D images of your jaw structure using a CT-Scanner. Lasting Smiles Dental Care in Las Vegas, Nevada provides patients with on-site CT-scans free of charge ($350 value). Using the digital information gathered from these scans, Dr. Ghodsi will be able to create a virtual model of your jaw and prepare a detailed treatment plan for the placement of your dental implants.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Many offices offering guided implant dentistry require patients to visit a professional radiologist in order to have a CT-scan completed. This is both time-consuming and costly. Because Dr. Ghodsi’s office in Las Vegas, NV has an on-site CT-Scanner, we have almost instant access to 3D images of your jaw structure. This further assists us in expediting your treatment.

Following your initial visit, the process of assessing, planning the treatment, and determining appropriate dental implant devices is completed digitally.

The actual guided implant surgery process is very short.  In many cases, multiple dental implants can be placed in less than an hour. With 3D imaging, our dental implant procedure can be completed quicker and more accurately. Unlike x-rays, CT-scan imaging allows Dr. Ghodsi to see the actual width and density of your bone and determine the perfect spot for the implant before the actual surgery occurs. This results in natural-looking dental implants, less discomfort and minimal recovery time.

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