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5 Myths of Mini-Implants

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Those who use standard dentures understand that they don’t always function the same as natural teeth. They can be uncomfortable, loose fitting, and difficult to eat with. Implants are a great alternative and can offer the same function, feel and appearance as real teeth, but people often avoid pursuing the option for many reasons. Some folks are unfortunately not good candidates for dentures. For others perhaps the cost involved and the surgery required are not appealing. But what about mini-implants? Many people are not aware of this option, or they may have heard some rumors that keep them from pursuing this alternative. Today, let’s take a closer look at the common misconceptions about mini-implants.

Debunking Myths of Mini Dental Implants Las Vegas

  • Dental implants are expensiveWhile traditional dental implants require surgery which can involve cutting away at gums or costly bone grafts, mini-implants at Lasting Smiles are non-surgical and non-invasive. They do require careful planning and an experienced dentist such as Dr. Ghodsi, but the cost of mini-implants can be 65% less than other implant options.
  • Long recovery time – Because the procedure at Lasting Smiles is non-surgical, recovery time can be as short as a few hours instead of up to a few months with traditional implants.
  • If you are not a candidate for traditional implants, you are not one for mini-implants – While it is true that not everyone can receive mini implants, many individuals who were turned away from other implant options are perfectly suited to minis. Those who do not have sufficient bone density for standard implants may still be great candidates for mini dental implants Las Vegas.
  • Mini-implants are only a short term solution – Mini-implants are often used as a temporary solution while patients wait for standard implant surgery and are therefore considered not to be suitable for long term. This is not true! If the procedure is well planned and carried out by an experienced dentist, there is no reason why mini-implants won’t last years, provided they are properly taken care of and not abused.
  • The procedure and recovery are painful – Since the procedure for mini-implants does not require surgery, it only requires mild anesthesia and over-the-counter pain management is often the only thing needed afterward. The patient can normally eat within a few hours, and any discomfort is typically gone within about 48 hours.

Mini-implants are not right for everyone, but if you are considering dental implants Las Vegas, feel free to call our office at 702-800-3768 to find out if mini-implants might be the right dental solution for you.

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