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3D Imaging Technology for Dental Implants

Image of skull visable from cat scan technology for dental implants

3D imaging for dental implants.

Implants are implants, right? No, not really. We handle dental implants differently, because we know that time and money are important when it comes to having the perfect smile. Dr. Ghodsi employs 3D imaging technology that ensures every dental implant procedure in our office is precise and efficient, ultimately saving our patients time and money.

What is 3D Imaging Technology?

In layman’s terms? A fancy dental cat scan. After arriving to our office, patients are seated in our special 3D imaging chair. A scan is done (which is entirely painless), and within seconds data is available for Dr. Ghodsi to evaluate. With a thorough evaluation, Dr. Ghodsi will be able to pre-determine the perfect spot to place your dental implants. Because 3D imaging is more than an X-Ray, he can see in perfect detail your teeth, gums, tissue, and jawbone. In addition to knowing what’s going on inside your mouth before the dental implant procedure, 3D Imaging also allows for proper planning when it comes to your post-operation treatment.

How Does It Save Me Money on My Dental Implants?

When dentists place dental implants without 3D imaging, they are only able to see the full picture of your jawbone, teeth, gums, and tissue once you are in the operating chair. Complications can easily arise from this, such as loss of bone density. It will most likely also lengthen surgery time and then, the time it takes your mouth to heal. Without a pre-planned road map – dental implant procedures seem to always have added expenses. Dentists who perform dental implant surgeries without 3D imaging cost their patients time and money. By allowing Dr. Ghodsi to use the proper technology, your dental implants will be completed faster and with significantly less pain, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s Larry’s version of how his dental implant procedure went with Dr. Ghodsi.

Our state-of-the-art dental facilities can’t be matched in the Las Vegas area. If you want a smile like Larry – call now to schedule a consultation for dental implants.

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